Dr. Amogh Bhalerao and Dr. Gayatri Jadhav offer composite dental fillings to repair and restore your teeth and smile. These tooth-colored restorations can give you back a healthy, aesthetic and fully functional smile in just one visit to our dentists and team. Call 210-694-4999 today to learn more about composite dental fillings in San Antonio, Texas, and make an appointment at Smiles R Us.

Composite dental fillings are a popular and innovative solution to address cavities and tooth decay effectively. Composites are a tooth-colored mixture composed of glass or quartz filler particles, bound together by a durable resin. One of their most significant advantages is their ability to blend seamlessly with the natural tooth color, making them a discreet and aesthetically pleasing option.

Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, composite dental fillings require less tooth structure removal during the preparation process. This preservation of healthy tooth material ensures a more conservative and minimally invasive approach, promoting better long-term dental health. Additionally, composites chemically bond to the tooth structure, enhancing their overall strength and reducing the risk of leakage or cracking over time.

Another remarkable feature of composite fillings is their versatility. We can use them not only for restoring decayed teeth but also to repair chipped, cracked or worn-down teeth, improving both function and appearance. The application process involves layering the composite material incrementally, shaping it to mimic the natural contours of the tooth, and curing it with a specialized light, creating a durable and robust restoration.

Furthermore, composite dental fillings are free of mercury and other metals, eliminating concerns related to potential health risks associated with amalgam fillings. This biocompatibility makes them an ideal choice for patients with metal sensitivities or allergies.

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