The first step in replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile is dental implant placement. During this surgical procedure, our dentists and team will place your implant posts to replace your tooth roots and provide your new smile with a stable foundation. We invite you to call Smiles R Us at 210-694-4999 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Amogh Bhalerao or Dr. Gayatri Jadhav and learn more about dental implant placement!

The initial phase of your dental implant procedure is the dental implant placement, a crucial step in your treatment process. This surgical procedure involves precisely positioning a small titanium or biocompatible screw, which serves as the replacement for your tooth root. This implant post is crucial for providing stability to your teeth and supporting the jawbone by stimulating bone growth. To aid in your recovery, our team will furnish you with comprehensive post-operative instructions.

After the implant placement, a vital healing period commences. During this time, the implant post undergoes osseointegration, where it integrates seamlessly with your jawbone. This essential process ensures a durable and long-lasting foundation for your implant restoration, tailored by our skilled dentists after the healing phase.

It is essential to note that in some cases, individuals who have experienced a loss of supporting bone tissue may require a bone grafting treatment before proceeding with the implant placement. Additionally, pre-existing conditions like tooth decay or gum disease must be addressed before you become eligible for the implant procedure.

To learn more about the dental implant placement process in San Antonio, Texas, and to arrange an appointment with our skilled dentists, please give our team a call. We are eager to assist you in achieving a healthy and confident smile.