Our dentists may recommend a deep cleaning to help fight gum disease. Sometimes referred to as prophylaxis, this thorough cleaning helps remove disease-causing factors from your mouth so that you can regain a healthy mouth and smile. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Amogh Bhalerao or Dr. Gayatri Jadhav and learn more about deep dental cleanings for gum disease in San Antonio, Texas, call Smiles R Us at 210-694-4999.

Prophylaxis, also known as deep dental cleaning, constitutes a more comprehensive and thorough cleaning regimen compared to regular dental cleanings. Despite practicing impeccable oral hygiene, safeguarding the areas beneath the gumline remains unattainable. Thus, prophylaxis effectively eliminates the buildup of tartar and plaque in these difficult-to-reach oral regions.

Our skilled dentists and team will meticulously scale and polish your teeth, rendering them smoother and less susceptible to attracting harmful bacteria and deposits in the future. This preventive measure not only hinders the progression of gum disease but also initiates the healing process, contributing to the restoration of your oral health. Additionally, during the procedure, dentists may inspect your mouth for any other problematic conditions lurking below the gumline, such as tooth decay.

For individuals afflicted with periodontal disease, regular deep dental cleanings are crucial to ward off more severe consequences, like gum disease exacerbation and bone loss. Our dentists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your oral condition to gauge the extent of periodontal disease and devise a tailored schedule of regular treatments, thereby maintaining a gum disease-free mouth.

To discover more about prophylaxis and secure an appointment with our dentists, we encourage you to reach out to our office without delay.