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San Antonio Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontitis, better known as gum disease, is an advanced stage of gingivitis that permanently damages the bones inside the gum and causes teeth loss.

The following are the symptoms and signs of Periodontitis disease:

  • You would have bad breath and it will not disappear by itself
  • Gums will be swollen and it will be turned to red color
  • The gums will bleed and will feel mild pain
  • Chewing will be painful
  • Teeth will be loosening creating space between the teeth
  • Teeth will feel sensitivity to things and temperature
  • Mouth will experience more odor

We at Smiles R Us advise that you seek dental help immediately if you have any of the above issues. We offer deep cleaning and surgery options dependent on the severity of your periodontitis.

Even if you may just have gingivitis, we highly recommend having dental examinations at least twice a year, as well as brush your teeth twice a day and floss once per day. The health of your gums are important for your teeth, as it allows you to chew and gives you back your smile.

If your gums easily bleed, your teeth are loose or misplaced, have persistent bad breath or taste, or your gums feel swollen or tender, please call us immediately at (210) 694-4999. Our dentists at Smiles R Us will treat your concerns with great care and handle every need you may have.

Emergency services are also available.

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