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Dentures are a full row of prosthetic teeth that are held onto a gum-colored base and held on by an adhesive clip. They are designed to replace a full row of missing teeth in the event that all teeth are either lost or pulled due to decay or overall teeth loss.

Our dentists here at Smiles R Us can mold and customize dentures to best fit your smile. We check your mouth prior to giving a temporary mold, with a proper mold coming in within a six-month period after numerous appointments with us to tweak and redo your temporary mold.

Dentures can also be surgically implanted, which shares the same process of dental implants expect on a wider scale.

After applying your dentures, please check back regularly for cleaning, repairs and maintenance for your prosthetic teeth. It is best that your dentures are fully taken care of so that your smile can shine at its brightest.

Dentures typically last between 5-10 years depending on mold and build quality.

If you are looking to get dentures for your smile, call (210) 694-4999 to set up an appointment with us today.

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