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San Antonio Dental Implants

When a tooth has become decayed or damaged beyond repair, it is generally time to remove it. However, losing a tooth can not only ruin your smile, but also your ability to chew properly as well.

Smiles R Us offers dental implants to fill in the gap left by the lost tooth. Dental Implants can provide:

  • Increased confidence in self-appearance
  • More time in your schedule with fewer office visits
  • A comfortable alternative to uncomfortable removable replacements
  • Natural looking and functioning teeth

Dental implants can be used to replace one or more of your teeth in a manner that is durable, beautiful, and that mimics your natural tooth structure.

This technology can replace one tooth or multiple teeth. They are often the best permanent solution for people who have failing teeth and other dental problems.

A Tooth That Lasts

While dental bridges and dentures mostly last up to 5-10 years, implants can last up to a lifetime. They are easy to maintain and clean, erasing the headache from the cavities and decay most natural teeth suffer from.

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