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San Antonio Dental Exams

Maintaining your teeth is essential to keeping a healthy smile. Regularly visiting the dentist for examinations allows us at Smiles R Us to help prevent gum disease, tooth decay and other health problems that may arise.

At Smiles R Us, we perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to check for diseases and teeth/root decay.

Your checkup will consist of some or all of the following:

  • A discussion of your oral and general health, including changes that have occurred since your last visit.
  • A visual examination of your mouth, which includes checking your jaws for bite issues and gently probing your teeth and gums with special dental instruments to look for decay and periodontal disease.
  • X-rays to check for tooth and jawbone problems that are impossible to see with the naked eye.

A dental examination and cleaning now can help prevent you from enduring the expense and discomfort of major dental procedures later. Contact our team at Smile R Us Dental today, if you are overdue for a checkup and cleaning, or if your children need to see a San Antonio dentist for kids or orthodontist.

Do Not Wait to Get Your Teeth Checked

Dental exams play a crucial role in maintaining oral health. Don’t settle for just any dentist, trust your smile to our experts for high quality care! Call us at (210) 694-4999 to set up your appointment today!

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