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San Antonio Dental Sealants

Protecting your teeth from acidic bacteria that form cavities is very important to us at Smiles R Us. But we also understand that many people dread the possibility of having a drill pierce through their teeth when a cavity has to be filled.

Dental sealants are protective layers that prevent cavities from forming while eating and drinking sugars that form the acidic compound that creates them. Concealing the tooth can help you chew without concern of it being harmed by this acid.

Sealants require no drilling and only requires cleaning and drying of the tooth, then the etching and liquid sealant is applied prior to the curing light hardening the material. This makes for a painless process that you don’t have to deal with Novocain while feeling that awkward force of the drill going into your teeth!

If you have questions about dental sealants or want to apply a sealant, then call (210) 694-4999 to set up an appointment with us! We guarantee full satisfaction with your sealant protecting your tooth from cavities!

Please note that the time to apply sealant may vary.

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