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A healthy smile is a wonderful thing to have, and those that are beautiful inside and out, take work to maintain and achieve.

At Smiles R Us we provide our patients with dental fillings to fill and cover up cavities before they become an issue. We make sure that the filling we use matches the color of your tooth, making it seem and feel like the cavity was never there! Other filling options are also available, but we cannot guarantee the color of the filling will match the color of your teeth.

Types of Fillings

  • Amalgam – mixture of mercury, silver, tin, zinc and copper; consist of 50% mercury
  • Composite Resin – mixture of plastic and glass
  • Cast Gold – gold mixed with other unspecified metals
  • Ceramics – primarily porcelain
  • Glass Ionomer – mixture of acrylic and fluoroaluminosilicate

Fillings tend to last between 5-15 years depending on which is used and are required to be replaced once they are worn down. The amount of drilling will be determined on how deep the cavity is and what type of filling is used.

For more information on dental fillings and options, call (210) 694-4999.

Be advised that there may be possible issues with your filling of choice. If you have concerns about your filling or may currently have issues with your fillings, please contact us immediately.

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