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3D Dental X-Rays

3D Panoramic Dental X-rays

Here at Smiles R Us we use the most advanced x-ray technology to find any hidden problems for your teeth. Our panoramic x-ray machine scans your entire jawline so our dentist can get the full picture of what’s going on inside your teeth. We also ensure that our x-rays emit as little amount of radiation as possible.

Upon inspecting your x-rays, we look for the following:

  • Hidden cavities that were not initially spotted during the dental examination
  • Teeth that may be impacted by incoming wisdom teeth
  • Development of any possible cyst, tumor, deeper gum disease (such as periodontal disease), etc.
  • Check for issues with the temporomandibular joint (better known as the jaw) and see if it requires surgery
  • See if your teeth may require dental fillings or surgical removal
  • Detect potential oral cancer

You do not need to worry about any issues with our x-ray machines; our machines are designed to feel comfortable for your face and the process of scanning is painless.

X-rays can help us determine what your teeth need and what our dentists can offer you for the next step.

Call (210) 694-4999 for any questions and concerns about the panoramic x-ray process.

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