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Dental Crowns

San Antonio Dental Crowns

Our dentists at Smiles R Us can provide crowns for those whose tooth have been causing problems. Dental crowns are tooth caps that cover the damaged tooth which allows for it to heal and restore your smile to it’s original appearance.

Crowns are implemented by the following:

  • Healing a tooth after root canal surgery
  • Repairing a damaged tooth via surgery
  • Restoring a tooth which was required to have a significant filling applied
  • Cover a tooth that was damaged or discolored significantly
  • Change the tooth’s length or cover gaps between teeth (diastema)

Same-Day Crown Installation

We can also provide same-day crowns for those who need it immediately. Our computers can create a full 3D model of your individual tooth and a crown can be produced in our offices for immediate installation.

Needing a Dental Crown for Your Tooth?

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